Bands and Buckles are widely used for securely connecting items together. Such types are the brands (straps) & buckles (clips) systems, stainless steel brands for high tensile application, PPA 571 coated bands for highly corrosive applications and PVC coated bands. The clamps that conjoin wires to an automotive battery are a common examples of cable lugs. Cable terminal ends-lugs and connectors, crimp type standard range, snap on terminals, ring type (insulated & non-insulated), cable connectors-short & standard butt splices and cable connectors- butt splices(short & long) color coded are some of the types of Cable Lug. Cable Glands are mechanical cable entry gear and can be build up from metallic or nonmetallic materials. Types of cable glands consists of nickel plated brass gland ip 68 rating metric thread and single compression type cable gland-unarmoured cable. Metal framed barriers are commonly used for fire rated constructions around columns and pillars. Strut channels and HSA- hot dipped galvanised slotted angle are included in the Metal Framing System. Stainless Steel Cable Tiesare used for flameproof applications. Such types of cable ties are the stainless steel cable ties and stainless steel ball lock cable ties, heavy duty.