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about-10Initiated in 2002, STE Industries Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as Solution Tech Engineering Sdn Bhd) has become the leading supplier and manufacturer of Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Cable Trunking, and other related general accessories in Malaysia. Known with excellency in the highest quality of installation as well as good customer service, we have continuously improving ourselves in the industry as our way to value our customers.

Our products such as Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Cable Trunking and many more are ensured to be scrupulously engineered and tested in order to meet the highest market standards, and then promoted by our professional and experienced sales engineers within the industry to provide product solutions for the commercial, industrial, oil and gas, mining, data centers, utility and OEM markets in all around Malaysia.









In pursue of our excellency to provide engineering and manufacturing supplies to our respective clients, we aim to be the first company that deliver top notch products combine with an outstanding customer service. With this in mind, we can assure that we can stand at par with other big organizations in providing our products. In addition, due to our excellent customer service, we are able to build strong rapport with our clients thus we are able to provide customize solutions to our clients depending on their product requirements.

Integrity, trustworthiness, passion and dedication to customers is the motto that we stood by throughout all these years in order to stay in the business. Having this motto instilled in us and amongst our fellow employees, customers can expect on time and top notch service and products that meet their expectation. To learn more about our products, do browse through our catalog page for more information.